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Buttocks - Legs - Hips
Cellulite: hips, buttocks, outer side of the thigh, the front side of the hips, knees on the inside, "orange peel"

Operation: Liposculpture and Lipojet

APPLIANCES: through a small incision sucked cellulite and fat, which is then filtered by swelling. Suction takes place through very small cannulas removed cells, which contain fat, which is the result of this procedure can no longer be converted. Suctioning may be manual (more soft) and with a vacuum apparatus LIPOJET - small clusters; also using classical liposuction but this technique allows to tighten the fabric, resulting in horizontal creases are not formed.

Anesthesia: Local infiltration anesthesia on an outpatient basis; deep local anesthesia with the stay in the hospital all day in case of multiple sites of the cluster.

Postoperative observation: Bruising and swelling remain for 2 weeks. Special bandage should be worn for 30-40 days.