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The face is the most important and exposed part of our body. The goal of cosmetic surgery is to create harmony between the different planes of the face; so, in addition to correct individual defects, it evaluates as a whole facial features with the personality of each person.
Big nose, aquiline nose, crooked nose, aquiline nose, long nose, ethnic nose, nasal deviation, deviated septum.

Operation: With rhinoplasty and rhinoseptoplasty is possible to eliminate both aesthetic and post-traumatic defects, as well as facilitate breathing through the nose.

TECHNIQUE: Through a single small incision inside the nostrils, the surgeon isolates the components of bones and cartilage; these are modeled exactly to what has been calculated with the computer and decided in the VIRTUAL Rhinoplasty. This should be done before every rhinoplasty, the surgeon clearly understand what results the patient is expecting.

Anesthesia: Local with sedation, without hospitalization.

HEALING: Absolutely painless; discomfort within 12-24 hours due to breathing through the mouth; the first week the patient wears a plaster cast, the second week - special plasters. Leaves no external scars.