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The face is the most important and exposed part of our body. The goal of cosmetic surgery is to create harmony between the different planes of the face; so, in addition to correct individual defects, it evaluates as a whole facial features with the personality of each person.
Hair Transplantation

Operation: With a hair transplant hair loss is adjusted on the head and in the area of the eyebrows.

APPLIANCES: Transplantation (transplantation) hair is the process of transferring the patient's own hair follicles from the donor area to the area of baldness. As a donor, as a rule, the occipital region of the head and the side that is least susceptible to alopecia. To do this, take individual hairs with bulbs and transplanted in the bald area. A transfer from one single hair from the front to give a more natural look, while 2-3 bulbs behind.

Anesthesia: Local; hospital one day.

Of follow-up: After the initial loss of hair grow back within 4-6 months and no longer fall.